Refund Policy

Credit Chum confirms that any Member is permitted to request a refund, cancel or terminate this agreement at any time by: -

Please note: refunds will be given only in limited circumstances, being cases where Members can show that fraudulent activity was involved in the creation of their Membership and/or in the event of our partial or complete non-performance or inadequate performance or absence of delivery of the agreed upon services to the Member.

Please note: where a Member uses the services provided by Credit Chum (for example, registers for Membership and provides payment details using a credit and/or debit card and further validates themselves) then services have been determined and it is agreed that they have been rendered. It is hereby stated that except in the circumstances outlined above, a member forfeits the ability to demand a full refund since services have been rendered.

In order to clarify the basis of the relationship between Credit Chum and the Member, Members are made aware that as soon as a sign up occurs for the Membership, services have been delivered for that day and the month in which that day features; until the Member cancels the membership, the services are considered to have been delivered each and every day and month thereafter. Credit Chum reserves the right to terminate this Agreement (i.e. cancel the Membership) upon giving a Member one week's notice (save for where there are serious grounds for doing so without notice). If this should occur, we will only credit the Member’s credit card or debit card with an amount equivalent to the remaining days left in the Membership period; that is, a pro-rata refund. For avoidance of doubt, we will not issue a refund to the Member’s card for charges for the entire period(s) or previous period's charges because the service was being used and active. Once Membership is terminated we will not be required to continue to provide the said services to that Member after the termination of said Membership.

Termination of this Agreement (and cancellation of Membership) will be effective within one business day of the receipt by us of the Member's cancellation request or one month from the issuance of our notice to the Member. If the customer uses the cancellation facility within their account, this may be processed more quickly than by using our Customer Services team. If the termination is effective within any applicable Free Trial Period as may have been offered at the time of signing-up then no Membership Fees will have been payable or will be payable by the Member; therefore, no Membership Fees will be re-credited to the Member's account. However, if the termination is effective at any time after any applicable Free Trial Period as may have been offered at the time of signing-up, then the Member will not owe any further Membership Fees in addition to those Membership Fees that are already due or which have been paid and, to confirm, the Member will not be entitled to a refund of any past Membership Fees charged to the Member's account (save for cases where there has been inadequate performance by us); and entitlement to access, make use of or benefit from Membership (including the Credit Reporting Service) shall cease as at the end of the period for which the Member has paid.

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