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Why Credit Chum?

We are your Financial Friend and here to help you navigate your way to financial freedom. Take back control with Credit Chum. Sign Up Today for £19.99*

Save money

Save Money

Credit Chum gives you access to discounts and vouchers for leading high street and online companies!

Build credit

Credit Builder

Learn how to build your credit report over time with our tools.

Check what's important

Check What's Important

If you apply to your bank for credit, they can quickly assess you as they have a clear view of your borrowing habits and credit score. Check to see if your borrowing habits are affecting your credit score.


Guides and Know How

At Credit Chum we have a wealth of experience and have put together guides to help you navigate and manage your finances; helping you to overcome potential problems and improve your standing.

Check credit report

Why Check My Credit Report & Score?

Check and correct any errors and quickly spot identity fraud with your Credit Report. Any inaccuracies can be raised as a dispute.

Find finance

Find the right Finance Deals

Access the Credit Chum alternative lender and credit provider list. These lenders are focused on the needs and requirements of people with less than great credit.

Protect money

Protect Your Credit Score

Your Credit Report is a reflection of the history of credit held by a Credit Reference agency. Changes may occur which are influenced by your history with credit and how well you have managed credit in the past. If you suspect there is an error on your report for example, you did not miss a payment, you should raise a dispute against it as it could adversely affect your score and your ability to get future credit. Monitoring your report enables you to protect your credit and also guard against ID theft and fraud.

Social profile

Your Social Profile

More and more businesses are using your online social media profile to assess you for their products, from lenders to insurance companies, to retailers and even employers. Your Social Report is a reflection of your online social media activity and it changes regularly. Keep on top of your report using our own bespoke algorithm.

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